Work With Me


You Remember Who You Were Before Kids, Right?

  • You were strong and had a vision.

  • You had dreams and ambitions.

  • You knew what you wanted and you knew you were going to change the world.

  • The wind was at your back and you were going places.

And then life happened. Kids happened. All the obligations of raising a family with curveballs happened. And now you feel like the wind has gone out of your sails and you are adrift in the Sea of WTF I Didn’t Ask For This. You feel like a worn-out mess. Even when there is no crisis at the moment.

You know in your heart that you are doing a great job at mama-ing, but is this it? This life just feels so… small. You want more than this.


You are so much more than just a mom.

That fierce, brave woman is still in there, even though she’s a bit frazzled with wiping butts and noses.

You want to stop waiting to be rescued and step back onto your own life’s path. You know there is work that you were put in this life to do, and you want to be doing it.

You want to connect with your own purpose again, and have the time and energy to do something about it.

You want to be living your passions, to be crystal clear about what your heart is truly longing for.

You want to set an example for your kids and live the life of someone who is going after their dreams.

You want to be a fearless and powerful heroine in your own story.

You are not the helpless princess in this story, you are a freakin’ warrior woman.



Let’s Get Started

We’ll start with a Discovery Session where I can learn more about you - where you feel stuck and overwhelmed, what you want, and what’s getting in the way. We’ll also talk about how you can start taking action right away.

This session is free, most importantly it’s powerful - you’ll walk away with some ah-ha’s and a little more pep in your step, I promise!

During this session we’ll also talk about how we can continue to do awesome work together.

I Work With Moms Like You…

Who know that there is much more to life than mothering - but they aren’t sure what it is. Their life hasn’t turned out quite like they intended, and until now they have just been spinning the plates and trying to keep up. I help them unearth their passions and step back into their fierce, powerful selves, so they can live a life far bigger than just being Mom.

I know what it feels like to have life go sideways, and then wake up one morning and wonder what happened to the storybook life you thought you were going to have. After surgeries, broken bones, the devastating realization that I was not able to breastfeed, owning a business and being a mama at the same time, this story is my story, too. But I have come out the other side of it powerful and roaring.

I don’t want you to wait for someone to save you. I want you to answer your own prayers.

When We Work Together:

  • I’ll help you get super clear on what’s important to you in this season of your life. We’ll identify where you are struggling and where you are feeling amazing.

  • I’ll teach you how to find more time in your day so you can spend that time doing more of the things you enjoy.

  • We’ll explore your overwhelm, guilt, and stuck feelings so we understand why they’re there and how you can make change.

  • You’ll receive tools and strategies to help you break through obstacles that are bound to come up.

  • We’ll develop a customized action plan, so you know exactly what to do in your day and your week to keep you moving confidently toward your goals, and still have plenty of time for your family (and for you).